Remembrance Day 2016 link to blog with pictures

Last November, we started a new Remembrance Day tradition at our little yellow school. To commemorate Remembrance Day, the children make handmade Valentine cards for our country's Veterans. The cards are distributed by Veterans Affairs Canada on Valentine's Day to Veterans in long-term care facilities. The Valentines remind Veterans of our gratitude for their sacrifices and achievements in serving our country.

On Remembrance Day this year, one of our graduates told everyone that we must make Valentines for the soldiers who fought in the war. It warmed my heart to hear I. and her fellow graduates tell the younger children about this new tradition.

Last year we put a little poem in our cards. This year, we asked the children if there was something they wanted to tell the Veterans. Their genuine and heart-felt words brought tears to our eyes. Here are some of their messages.

Thank you to our Veterans and to those who continue to serve and protect. We hope these Valentine cards bring you joy this Valentine's Day and remind you that we are thinking about you.